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Strategy: Where You Live Matters Campaign

Client: American Senior Housing Association
Agency: GlynnDevins
Role: Strategist, CD, Copywriter

When COVID-19 hit, this client wanted to do something to counter all the negative press senior living communities were getting. Because we couldn't go to any of these communities, we had to find a way to go behind the scenes and tell the real story of how the industry was responding - and how residents were thriving. We did two phases of this campaign, featuring videos, display and social ads, and content. Every single element exceeded benchmarks, and the campaign drove thousands to the site to learn more.

Where You Live Matters logo2.png

Landing Page provides free educational content about senior living. I served as creative director and primary copywriter for 5 years. Our campaign tactics drove people to the site to do a deeper dive into the world of senior living communities.


Senior Living & Covid-19

This video captures the positive perspective about living in a community setting during the early days of the pandemic. I wanted to show the joy, camaraderie, support, and care residents were experiencing.

The Reason I Love My Job

The people who work at senior living communities are treasures. They have a real love for older adults - and I wanted viewers to see that so they could know how well cared for residents are.

What Do Residents Really Think...?

Who better to talk about senior living communities than the people who live there? I wanted to let them share their experiences so they could reassure the general public and help raise confidence levels about the industry.

How Do Families Really Feel...?

A lot of adult children of seniors were worried about their loved ones living in communities - and were afraid to even consider moving a parent into one. I wanted those folks to hear from someone whose parent was getting the care they needed, and could talk about how much better it was to be in the community during this time.

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