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Strategy: The Fight for First Campaign

Client: Compassion International
Agency: Fervor Marketing
Role: Strategist, CD, Copywriter


Compassion International wanted to launch a campaign to support their child survival efforts, and they wanted to focus on raising support from professional athletes. I got to come up with the campaign name, write the messaging platform that drives the campaign, and serve as creative director for the campaign assets our team created. Compassion and their Professional Athlete Outreach team started with national baseball players, and are reaching out to football players with great success. In just a few weeks, 33 new survival centers have been funded, helping to save thousands of young lives.

The Fight For First Website '23.png

We created a compelling landing page to make the case for funding new Compassion Child Survival Centers

Fact Sheet.png

Fact Sheet

The Compassion team wanted a quick-hit way to get player attention and give them something to take home and share. This fact sheet does the trick.

"Yes" Card

This simple pledge card give the Compassion team an easy way to capture commitments in the moment.

Yes Card Side 1.png
Yes Card Side 2.png

Print Ad

Compassion asked for a print ad to run in a publication geared for sports fans. Since this is a “locker room” campaign, geared for pro athletes, we had to find a way to position the athletes as the heroes.

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