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I consider it a privilege to work with Dawn Mundy in various capacities. She has been a fundamental part of my own (and many others') journey.

She's a leader ... the one people look to

She's curious ... the one who asks the REALLY hard questions.

She's a problem solver ... the one who delights in sinking deep into complex issues in pursuit of simplicity.

She's devoted ... the one who can't put it down, turn it off or walk away until its done.

She's well-rounded ... the one who can handle just about anything you throw her way.

She's gravitational ... the one who people enjoy and want to be around.

She's a TOTAL word nerd ... the one who brings a tasty new vocab lesson to the table.

She's a rock ... the one who weathers through, ship righted, sails full.

She can cook ... seriously. stupid. good. food. 

She's a friend ... the one who listens well, says the right things and encourages.


There are many more qualities to describe Dawn ... integrity, class, heart, grit, etc., etc. I can confidently speak for the many that have shared any time with Dawn... she's someone you need on the team. You'll be the better for it. 


Matt Johnson

CCO & Partner

Ruckus Creative Group

Dawn is the rare combination of creative genius and acute business savvy that every manager dreams of hiring. She will take the most lifeless concept or message and enrich, transform, and elevate it through her writing. Her contributions to creative strategy and product development are invaluable, always first evaluating her ideas to ensure feasibility and profitability. I would hire her again in an instant.


Gina Hacker

Account Executive

Summit Marketing

Dawn excels at a wide variety of creative executions, from scriptwriting and directing, to long-form copy, to DM headlines and digital content. She understands her audience, mediums, and all the possibilities in between. She is strategic, creative, collaborative, fast, thorough, versatile and dependable. She works to understand each challenge from top to bottom, plumbing the depths to find true insight. 


Dawn is the most wonderful kind of introvert. She can sell ideas in to teams and clients. Maybe it's her onstage singing experience or theatre background, but Dawn knows exactly how to prep a presentation and deliver it with warmth, confidence and precision. She is also an excellent listener. You should ask for her thoughts on what you just said.


Bottom line: Dawn delivers. Once she's briefed, she's off and running. Account managers can get a little worried if it's too quiet on the creative front, but not with Dawn. She is the consummate professional and knows how to manage her own time and resources to deliver excellence. She adds value to everything she touches. Dawn Mundy makes the world go 'round.


Heather Downs Knight

Growth & Communications Leader

Two Men and a Truck

Dawn was an invaluable member of our team [at Premier Studios]. Her ability to move fluidly between projects and find the appropriate data points in her research is not something I've found in many coworkers in the past. She would often jump from writing scripts for client videos to collaborating on advertising campaigns to creating compelling and approachable concepts for difficult subjects. Her quiet presence hides a wit that comes out in her work. She is a fantastic partner for any project. I am jealous of anyone that gets to work with her in the future. I hope it will be me at some point. Also, Dawn cooks... ridiculously delicious food and she shares.


Ryan Deo


Keller Williams Realty, Inc.

Want something done? Ask the busiest person in the room. Want something done and done right? Ask Dawn. Her breadth of experience, depth of character and presence of mind are true gifts to the clients she serves, the colleagues she supports and the company she keeps. Dawn loves a challenge and is a quick learner. Her strategic thinking and captivating writing are a true asset to any project she undertakes.

Ingerlene Frick

Realtor/Real Estate Consultant

RE/MAX Revolution


Dawn is an incredibly dedicated, detail-oriented team player. She can lead a team while also collaborating with team members and clients. Her understanding of the power behind the written word is unmatched. She can use words to make people think, cry, act and reflect. I've watched her work with large groups and one-on-one with clients to help communicate the message of a project. During her communication she clearly explains the expectations, deadlines and content involved. Dawn is a masterful artist and creator - she's one of the best. 


Kasey Johnson, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Education

Ottawa University



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