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Privacy Policy FAQ

(Revised 18 June 2020)

Q: What information about site visitors do you collect?

A: We do not collect any information from visitors to our website.


Q: How do you obtain this information?

A: We already have an abundant lack of personal information about site visitors. There is no need to obtain more.


Q: What are your reasons for requesting personal information?

A: We have no reason to request personal information, but many reasons for not requesting said information.


Q: How do you store and protect the personal information you collect?

A: We use absolutely no method to store and protect the personal information we do not request from you.


Q: How will you notify visitors if your privacy policy gets updated?

A: We will not email you notification at the email address you do not provide to us.


Q: Who has access to the personal information you collect from visitors?

A: Absolutely everybody has access to the lack of information that we have to your personal information. 




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