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Strategy: The ONE Campaign

Client: San Francisco Campus for Jewish Living
Agency: GlynnDevins
Role: Strategist, ACD, Copywriter

This community needed help pre-selling high-end assisted living and memory care apartments and amenities being added to their campus. They also wanted marketing materials that looked different from the rest of the senior living category. Since everything a senior would need will now be offered in the same place, I came up with “One Place. One Purpose. One Beautiful Life.” Working with my art director partner, we pitched and won the business. Then I wrote the creative strategy, and copy for the website, direct mail, print brochures, and marketing automation.


As part of the pitch deck, we mocked up ads that showcased the look and messaging of the campaign. This is my favorite.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is a key tool in senior living marketing. These are some of the direct mail invitations I wrote to invite prospects and their families to informational meetings about the community.


This informational - and aspirational - brochure was given to prospects who expressed strong interest in the community.

This client likes to use print ads, and got a

4-page spread in a local publication. The beginning and ending pages target our two audiences - seniors and their adult children - respectively. The center spread showcases the community as a whole.

Print Ad Spread

On-boarding Emails

I wrote two on-boarding email series, one tailored to our senior audience, and another to our adult child audience.

The website tells a more complete story about this unique community. In the discovery phase, we learned they wanted to be a source of trusted information for families, so I advocated for (and got) space to write educational content to put them on that path.

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