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Strategy: Jackson County Kids Campaign

Client: Children's Services Fund of Jackson County

Agency: Fervor Marketing

Role: Strategist, CD, Copywriter

The Children’s Services Fund of Jackson County (CSF) is a voter-approved fund that uses a small sales tax to fund local organizations that invest in the mental health and emotional well-being of Jackson County kids. They provide millions of dollars of support for vital services. In 2022, they were going to be on the November ballot to increase their public funding and to make the fund permanent. Fervor was asked to run a year-long public education campaign that would pave the way for the November vote. The goal: make voters aware of the value of the CSF so they would be more likely to vote ‘yes.’


I wrote a new messaging platform and created the marketing strategy that would spread the word. The strategy included: a new landing page, blogs, emails, social media, video, and paid media.


Our efforts, alongside those of the political campaign, worked. Jackson County voters approved the sales tax increase and made the fund permanent with a 75% ‘yes’ vote - the largest margin of any tax proposal in the country that November.

Paid Media

We created a suite of search and display ads that targeted key demographics and key areas in Jackson County. As new polling data came in from the campaign team, we shifted messaging, audiences, and locations as needed to maximize impact.

Traffic to the website increased over 700%.

  • LinkedIn

Social Media

Our tactics for Facebook and LinkedIn increased audience growth 491% and engagement rates to 10.5%, well above average.

Landing Page was created to give voters a clear picture of just how important the tiny sales tax is. We gave them opportunities to sign up for a newsletter to stay informed, and to read blog articles that demonstrate the fantastic work the CSF is funding in their neighborhoods.

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