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Strategy: Exceptional Workplace Campaign

Client: Employers Council

Agency: Fervor Marketing

Role: Strategist + CD

Employers Council is the largest employers association in the country. I had the privilege of writing a new messaging platform for them, and developing a full marketing plan. Part of that plan includes individual campaigns, such as the Exceptional Workplace Series.

To promote this series of four webinars targeting HR professionals throughout the year, I developed a campaign strategy and served as creative director. Tactics included emails, social media, blogs, and paid media. They were expecting 30 attendees to their first webinar - more than 300 showed up. The campaign was such a success in 2022 that they are continuing the series this year, with our strategy in place.

Exceptional Workplace Series: Making DEI Real in Your Workplace

 For each webinar, we created :30 promo videos like this one, used on social channels and in paid media.

Exceptional Workplace Blog Posts

For each webinar, we interviewed experts and wrote blogs that gave context to the webinar topic and helped make the case for attending. The blogs gave us great social content and some much needed SEO juice.

Exceptional Workplace Social Media Campaign

The Employers Council target audience lives on LinkedIn, so we promoted the event and related content heavily. 

Exceptional Workplace Display Ad Campaign

Collaboration with our paid media partner made it easy to target the right audiences at the right time, driving landing page traffic and registrations.

Exceptional Workplace Landing Page

Paid media and organic social drive users to a landing page that makes it easy to register.

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