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Print: Brochures

Clients with smaller budgets deserve to have a well-told story, too. Sometimes consumers need a piece they can sit with for a while; pick up and revisit while they think things over.  Print collateral pieces like these help you tell a story they'll keep coming back to.​

Wander Walk
Art in the Gardens

Wander Walk
Architecture in the Gardens

Client: Powell Gardens
Agency: Fervor Marketing

Role: Strategist, CD, Copywriter

Powell Gardens asked us to create some brochures for self-guided tours of the art and architecture in the gardens. I named them Wander Walks and wrote the copy. Also gave them ideas and color palettes for future Wander Walks, so stay tuned...

Where Knowledge...

Client: Brain Injury Association
Agency: KC Creative

Role: Copywriter

They needed a simple brochure to explain what they do and

communicate the hope they offer.

What's Holding You Back?

Living Well Every Day

Client: Longhorn Village
Agency: GlynnDevins

Role: CS + Copywriter

Longhorn Village requested an educational guide about the different types of senior living available. Rather than repeat information that was already on their website, I suggested we develop a guide that helps prospects work through the common emotional barriers to choosing senior living.

This guide has proven to be a successful lead nurturing and sales tool, and has been used as a model for similar guides for other clients.

Client: Capital Manor
Agency: GlynnDevins

Role: CD + Copywriter

This vibrant senior living community in Salem, OR wanted to promote their wellness programs and showcase their holistic and joyful approach

to senior living.

Aberdeen Ridge Gen Brochure_Page_1.jpg

Senior Living with a Different View

Client: Aberdeen Ridge
Agency: GlynnDevins

Role: ACD + Copywriter

This is a general brochure introducing a to-be-built senior living community in Colorado Springs. The developer and finance model are new to the area, so we were challenged with developing a brand and materials that help cast an exciting vision for what senior living can be in that city.

One Beautiful Life

Client: San Francisco Campus for Jewish Living
Agency: GlynnDevins

Role: ACD + Copywriter

As part of the campaign to promote a new senior living community in San Francisco, I wrote the copy for this informational brochure.

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