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What are my superpowers, you ask?

I'm a creative strategist with a copy background.

That means I can sift through the muddle of messages, ideas, insights, information gaps, and opinions to find a clear, strategic path for compelling creative work. I can then work with and/or lead a team to make that work happen - on time, and with professional excellence. 


I'm currently using my powers to bring strategy, concepts, copy and leadership to client websites, videos, brand development, direct mail, campaigns, marketing automation, paid media, and long-form content (both online and print). I partner with clients and multiple teams across our organization to make our clients successful.

No matter what industry I'm serving, my brain is happiest with deep thinking, smart creativity, respectful collaboration, variety, and the chance to keep learning and growing. I love a puzzle, and enjoy new challenges. 

If you like assessments, here are some insights into how my superpowers can help you:

Enneagram Profile: 5 - The Investigator

StandOut Profile: Creator/Advisor

How to Fascinate Profile: The Secret Weapon

Another superpower - baking. We can talk about that later...

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